Join Us!

There are a lot of ways to follow Sunday Assembly! We have recently put together some tools to make this easier, no matter which page you follow us on.

The best ways to find Sunday Assembly Knoxville events is to join our Facebook group:

Group members get invitations to all new events automatically. However, since it’s a closed group (to protect member privacy) we also post a public event on this page:

These events can be shared on your timeline or used to invite your friends who aren’t members of the group.
You can also share other events you are attending on the SAKnoxville pages to invite other Assemblers to come along.

Events are also organized on our meetup group:

Our website has an events calendar as well, which is good for people trying to find us on Google.

Finally we have a mailing list that we use to make important announcements less than once per week. We try very hard not to overflow your inbox! You can sign up using the form on the bottom-right panel on this page.

We invite you to join them all to show your support, but be sure to set your notification settings so you don’t get too many reminders!

We also have a PayPal donation link you can use to pay for ticketed events, or make a donation to help pay for venue fees, event supplies, meetup dues, t-shirts, etc.

Thanks for checking out Sunday Assembly Knoxville and we hope to see you at our next event!