April Assembly: BIRTH

In keeping with the spirit of the spring season when the world is teeming with life, our April assembly theme is Birth! Hillary Tune will be our MC, and midwife Gina Brace will be giving the presentation. Both of these women are from Baby&Co, and will educate us about the choices available to women and their families during this stage of life.

You can also look forward to a performance from our very own Jon Webster, aka “Cash Brooks,” and meeting your neighbor through something called a Blessingway ceremony (it’s not as new-agey as it sounds). As usual, we’ll be injecting some humor into the assembly with a reading on all the opposing advice given to new parents, and showing some hilarious clips from Amy Schumer and Jim Gaffigan on birth and parenthood.

After the assembly, rather than doing brunch, we will be headed over to Pavilion #1 at Tyson Park which we have rented for the afternoon for a potluck/cookout/egg hunt. If you can’t make the assembly, feel free to join us afterwards. This will be potluck style, so please bring a dish to share. We will provide the basics like burgers and hot dogs, and things like plates, cups, napkins and forks. This will be posted as a separate event with a sign-up sheet with other things like chips, drinks, ice, etc. There will also be a humanist egg hunt for the kids to celebrate the spring equinox, since it’s just a co-opted pagan tradition anyway, hehe. Make sure the kids bring their baskets, and there’ll be a golden egg too with a pretty sweet prize!

Sunday Assembly is family friendly and we always have a fun and educational children’s program planned for our little ones. All parents must sign a one-time waiver that lists allergy information and acknowledges rules, as well as a sign-in sheet each time.

Please arrive at 10:30 to mingle and get situated before the assembly, which begins at 10:45. Get to know other secular people from our area and enjoy the one life we know we have, because life is better when you have a community to share it with!

WHERE: 940 Blackstock Ave, Knoxville, TN
WHEN: 4/23/2017 10:30:00