Wonder Club: Rituals

Let’s talk about rituals!

Some of the discussion topics we’ll cover: Why are rituals important to human psychology? What are the ancient origins of some of our modern rituals? How can we create modern, secular rituals for traditionally religious events like weddings, funerals and coming of age ceremonies? What personal rituals do you create for yourself or your family? Does ritualizing events help create more meaningful experiences, or does it encourage people to just “go through the motions”?

Since there’s a lot of interest in this topic we’ve rescheduled the October Wonder Club for Rituals to November.  November’s theme is “Food” so we can incorporate that too by bringing food and drinks to share with the group!

WHERE: Nostalgia on McCalla, 1401 McCalla Ave., Knoxville, TN
WHEN: 11/13/2016 6:00PM