Month: October 2016

Artsy Fartsy Social Club

Sometimes, our lives become so busy that we don’t take the time to do the creative things that we enjoy. So we’ve decided to set aside a few hours each month for creative people to come together and create. Do what you like, whether it’s writing, painting, knitting, or just come to watch and socialize. […]

Wonder Club: Rituals

Let’s talk about rituals! Some of the discussion topics we’ll cover: Why are rituals important to human psychology? What are the ancient origins of some of our modern rituals? How can we create modern, secular rituals for traditionally religious events like weddings, funerals and coming of age ceremonies? What personal rituals do you create for […]

Metcalf Bottoms Picnic & Hike

Kid Friendly Hike and picnic at Metcalf Bottoms Picnic area in the GSMNP. Metcalf Bottoms is easy to get to, is next to a stream, and has a short hike to historic Little Green Briar Schoolhouse. The hike is about .8 miles one way or 1.6 miles round trip. There is an option for those […]

October Assembly: Rituals

October’s Sunday Assembly theme is “Rituals” and we’ll be celebrating everyone’s favorite modern secular version of an ancient pagan ritual–Halloween! Since we no longer have evil spirits to ward off, just put on your costumes and eat as much mass produced candy as your tax dollars can subsidize! Rituals are an important way that communities […]