Sunday Assembly February: LOVE

This is what we have planned for February. At the risk of stretching it a bit, here’s a LOVE theme for each!

We love Knowledge!
2/3 – Trivia Night at Central Flats and Taps

We love Helping Others!
2/5-2/7 – Remote Area Medical Clinic volunteering

We love Science and Evolution!
Darwin Day Events:
2/11 – Darwin Day Keynote Lecture by Neil Shubin, Your Inner Fish

2/20 – Trip to Gray Fossil Site 10am-noon
Please comment on this post if you are interested in attending this and we’ll create an event!

We love Technology!
2/15 – Coding Kickstart with Ted Patterson
Event page coming soon

We love Art!
2/20 – Artsy Fartsy Smoup with JoJo

We love Snow!
2/21 – Ober Gatlinburg Snow Day

We love Love!
2/28 – Sunday Assembly: LOVEThe Concourse (@ The International)
We’ll create the event once the lineup is confirmed.