Sunday Assembly July

Sunday, July 26th, 11:00 a.m.
We had SUCH a great time and turnout for the Laughter-themed assembly in June – we hope to have a repeat of that every month! For July, we’re going with a “Wonder” theme to remind us all of how lucky we are to be here, and the amazing things that surround us every day that we take for granted. We’re excited to announce that Brad Kelley, philosophy professor from Carson-Newman University, will give what is sure to be a captivating presentation on “The Two Senses of Wonder,” how they’re related, and engaging the children by asking what they wonder about, and encouraging even the grown-ups to think about what puts us in a state of awe. Brad will also be sharing his musical talents, we’ll be singing a couple of fun songs with more balloons, bubbles and instruments, and playing a brand new game. The reading will be an excerpt from “The Pleasure of Finding Things Out” by Richard Feynman. No Sunday Assembly on Wonder would be complete without honoring the prodigious Carl Sagan by watching Pale Blue Dot. As always, bring a dish to share for the potluck (we’ll provide the drinks and dinnerware), and your kids since our assemblies are family-friendly!

Sunday Assembly Knoxville
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