Sunday Assembly March

Sunday, March 22nd, 11:00 a.m.

The theme of the March Sunday assembly will be “Wellness.” Emam Fatah will be MCing, and in keeping with the theme, will be talking about his adventures in extreme weight loss, working out and the strict diet he adheres to. We’ll also be showing another cool TED Talk by Jane McGonigal about a game she developed called “SuperBetter” that has proven to be an effective tool in accomplishing nearly any goal, even healing yourself from a life-threatening illness…a perfect example of “Live Better.” Since everyone had such a good time playing telephone last month, we’ll be doing another fun game. We’ll also have a Moment of Mirthfulness in addition to the Moment of Mindfulness, and singing songs on the topic of Wellness. Weather permitting, Joy will lead the kids program outside at the tennis courts working up a sweat and burning calories with jump ropes and hop scotch. We’ll be having the usual potluck, so please bring a dish to share. Fling tea, water and juice for the kids will be provided. To “Help More,” the charity we’ll be supporting this month is Second Harvest food bank, so please bring in some non-perishable items to donate. And as always, we’re open to suggestions on how to make the service better by incorporating your ideas. We need your participation to help Sunday Assembly grow!

Sunday Assembly Knoxville
Live Better, Help Often, Wonder More